02 junho 2006


... find serenity and tranquility in a world that not always is understood.
... have in pain and conflicts the strength to face each and every new situation with courage and optimism.
... understand that there are people which their love and understanding will always be there to support you.
... find kindness enough to believe in a world of peace.
... receive gentle words, sweet smiles and a confort look.
... remember that the sun will always shine back even when the storm doens't seem to want to go away.
... teach love to those who hate even if they don't know the poison they carry.
... use wisdom from those you admire and be able to share it.
... remember that everyone is part of you, even those you don't admire.
... see beauty on eacht day around you, understanding each and every detail of creation.
... forgive the limitations of others and feel blessed for being forgived aswel.
... understand that everything that it's Good is yours by right and that no one can take that away from you.
... understand that todays problems are the open doors for tomorrows solutions.
... find your true value inside you without depending on criticism or praise.
... believe that love is possible.
... and that you can
... feel loved!!!

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