11 outubro 2010


An Ox is always serious on the things they put their hands on. Powerful yet down-to-earth kind of person. That does best to describe the Ox. Though they are loving and kind and even-tempered, when they get agitated they tend to get fierce. Careful not to find trouble with them! An Ox is always neat and tidy, so you'll definitely see them always arranging their desk when things got messy. They are quiet and serious as well. But, with their great love for home, family and their one and the only half are always seem to be their priority. Be thankful when you have an Ox friend. They are faithful and loyal. Some Ox can be a great music lover too.


3 comentários:

Sofia disse...

Ox... realmente transmite segurança, calma, pés na terra, mas são potencialmente perigosos pela massa que têm! É um animal amistoso, é verdade. Eu sou serpente... pronto!Há que assumir ehehhe

Poetic GIRL disse...

Faithful and Loyal parecem-me excelentes qualidades, pelo menos é das que mais aprecio! bjs

Paula NoGuerra disse...

No fundo temos todos um pouco de bom e de menos bom... há que haver equilibrio!
Beijinhos para ti***

Poetic Girl,
Eu também aprecio isso MUITO!
Beijocas doces linda***