18 janeiro 2010


Yesterday one of my biggest dreams came true... I'm still ecstatic about it!!!
I saw Michael Bolton live in the Coliseum in Lisbon... his first time in our country!

I simply have no words to describe what I felt yesterday by listening to him live... and better than that was having him 1 meter away from me... simple amazing!

This was his gift to us:  a choice of 19 beautiful songs including 3 of his new songs from his latest album "One world one love".

These were the songs we had the pleasure to listen to:

1. Soul provider
2. Said I loved you but I lied
3.To love somebody
4. Sitting on the dock of the bay
5.I hope it's too late
6.You don't know me
7. Summertime
8. For once in my life (Sinatra)
9. Fly me to the moon (Sinatra)
10. That's life (Sinatra)
11. Nessun dorma
12. How can we be lovers
13. Steel bars
14. Time Love and Tenderness
15. Murder my heart
16. One love
17. Georgia on my mind
18. Rock me
19.How Am I supposed to live without you

He started wonderfully and finished magically... THANK YOU!

PS: Não posso de deixar de falar no cantor que abriu o espetáculo: ZÉ PERDIGÃO!
Grande voz, grandes musicas e grande espectáculo que ele nos conseguiu presentear antes da entrada do nosso grande cantor Michael Bolton. Parabéns ao fadista!

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Nocas disse...

Foi tb com grande emoção que assisti ao concerto, simplesmente espectacular. E foi com a sensação de mais um sonho cumprido que voltei no dia seguinte ao Porto. Adorei o Zé Perdigão, passou a ser uma das minhas escolhas musicais a partir desse momento.